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Get as many signatures as possible to send to kingsteignton town council
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This petition is being started to get as many signatures as we can to show kingsteignton town council that we feel strongly about keeping the community hall car park open for parents to safely drop off and collect their children from school.

We have been approached by the schools headmaster and a counsellor of kingsteignton town council to share our views on the amount of safe parking at the school and we are attending a meeting with one of the councillors on Tuesday the 13th jan to discuss the reasons for parents using the car park. We would like as many people on this petition as we can.

I admit I, along with many other parents have been using the community hall car park to safely drop my children to school. After whitnessing kids being knocked in to the road from the packed pavements, and children hit by cars outside the school I for one wil not put my children at risk. So I use up a space in the community hall for a maximum of 15mins at drop off. However this has been an issue with the town council for years, they state the car park is for hall users only, but at the times off school drop off 8.30-9am the car park is always empty therefore I personally see no problem with using an unused space for the short amount of time it takes to drop off and collect our children.

A lot of parents and carers agree, we should be allowed to use that car park for safe drop off, however the council itself want to make it completely off limits. So leaving a car park completely empty but forcing the cars out on to the road to cause hazards and havoc for the children and people of Rydon road.

Sometimes walking is an option which unfortunAtely doesn't always suit people who have to drop off and head straight to work or who have other children to drop at other schools or other commitments etc. We feel that allowing a small time window in the morning and afternoon to pull in and take the kids in to school is a fair request.

I ask you all to sign this e-petition to show how many of us feel strongly about this. Rydon road is already bedlam with cars all pulled up on the streets, sometimes resulting in children nearly being hit whilst walking on the pavements.

If the cars are made to completely stay out of the community hall this will cause extra vehicles parking on the roads, causing hazards for children parents and the residents of the street. No matter if you drive to school, walk, cycle whatever.

Please sign this petition, this car park is the only place to park safely.

The safety of our children should be the top priority on anyone's list.

We, the undersigned, call on Kingsteignton Town Council to keep the community hall car park open for us to safely drop off and collect our children from Rydon school.

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