#City & Town Planning
City of Clarksburg, WV
United States of America

The City of Clarksburg has stated that out of the 16 week summer market season, they will be removing the Farmers Market from the Jackson Square Location for 6 weeks, more than a third of the season.

This has a severely negative effect on the market vendors, who need a consistent location to build good customer relations and repeat business. Customers are less apt to shop at the Clarksburg Farmers Market when they are not sure where it will be held from week to week. It is too much of a burden on customers to hunt down the location of the farmers market, when sources of goods (albeit not often local) are readily available at grocery stores. Furthermore, many consumers have taken their business to the Bridgeport Farmers Market, even though it is at a less convenient day and time (Sundays, 10 am-2pm), as the market is consistently held at the Bridgeport High School week after week.

If the City of Clarksburg wants to support the growth and retention of the Clarksburg Farmers Market, they should provide it with the most basic of necessities: a clean and consistent location every week for the summer months, year after year.

This will ensure better customer turn out, which will lead to more vendors, and a more successful Farmers Market. A thriving Farmers Market will have a positive effect on all of the businesses in downtown Clarksburg, which will help all involved.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Clarksburg to NOT remove the Clarksburg Farmers Market from use of the Jackson Square Parking Facility in Downtown Clarksburg for the duration of the summer market season (May-October).

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