#Roads & Transport
Boris Johnson / Len Duvall
United Kingdom

Officially, Transport for London and Southern Railways are closing the entrance to the Sydenham Station Platform One, in preparation of the introduction of the Oyster Card system. Unofficially, they are too tight-fisted to pay for a second barrier.

At many London Underground or DLR stations passengers can “touch in” to a new Oyster Card reader - our preferred solution - but they don’t trust Sydenham residents.

So, if you have ever struggled to carry a case or pram from Platform Two, have limited mobility, or just don’t like climbing stairs – you have a choice: Either you can do nothing, and within the next few weeks you will lose this entrance for ever – or you can fight the proposal.

We the undersigned call upon Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and Len Duvall, GLA member for Greenwich and Lewisham, to apply all pressure possible on Transport for London and Southern Railways to keep Sydenham Station Platform One gate open.

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