#Neighborhood Living
Blockhouse Creek Residents Only
United States of America

Scottsdale Dr is a residental street (25mph) with families of small children and mailboxes directly on the street!!! Some people are wanting this street to be opened onto a major highway (183A). There has to be another way. Don't risk OUR childrens' lives for YOUR convenience.

Imagine if you were the ones living on Scottsdale with YOUR family. Would you want the street to be opened?

Say NO and keep Scottsdale Dr safe for OUR children!

In signing this petition, you are saying NO to the opening of Scottsdale Dr. onto 183A. The families of Scottsdale Dr. can't thank you enough for putting OUR children first!

If you have already signed the paper petition, there is no need to sign this one and again OUR families thank you very much for your support.

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