Brevard County School Board
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On March 5, 2018, the state of Florida passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. In addition to safety provisions, the law designates funding for a voluntary “Guardian Program” which would allow school staff to carry a firearm after completing a training program.

​The current contract for Brevard Teachers prohibits them from carrying guns. But other school staff such as a bookkeeper, custodian, office secretary, or cafeteria worker would also be allowed to participate.

This bill was pushed through in three weeks, before committees could fully consider its implications. There are many unanswered questions and problems with this program such as the possibility of a teacher who feels threatened being able to legally pull a gun on an unarmed student under Stand Your Ground. This program is dangerous.

Armed school employees are not the answer to school safety. The evidence is overwhelming that more guns don't make us safer. They increase the risk of gun incidents and are no match to a mass shooter with an assault rifle. School Resource Officers (SROs) should be the only armed individuals on our campuses.

In addition to the risks to students, implementation of the Guardian Program poses a significant threat to our county’s image. The program would be a black eye on the Space Coast, inviting a negative media spotlight, potential tourism boycotts, businesses choosing to move jobs elsewhere, parents pulling students from schools - hurting school funding, as well as a hit to property values.

Brevard is one of Florida's 11 largest counties. The other 10 have already said they would opt out. The NRA uses Florida as a testing ground for legislation such as Stand Your Ground which is now in 33 states. We will not allow Brevard County to be a testing ground for armed school staff.

Leave gun use to the professionals. Protect students and our county. Please opt out of the Guardian Program.

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