Australian Electoral Commission

In Australian politics there seem to be more and more policial parties and politicians with religious agendas all the time.

The most popular are Christian parties but recently an Islamic political party sought registration. The Best Party of Allah in Australia applied for registration in the ACT recently and aims to eventually provide a national political voice for Muslims. Resident and founder Kurt Kennedy said the party rejected the use of violence for political means and wanted to see the laws of Allah - known in some countries as Sharia law - introduced.

I and many Australians see these kind of parties very dangerous for the greater good and the future of politics in Australia. I would like the Australian Government to see how many Australians reject religion in politics.

Religion causes enough tension and conflict socially, it is not needed politically.

Sign this if you are against religion in politics, no matter what the religion. If you are against religious politicial parties and Australian politicians basing their opinions and policies on their religious values, please sign.

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