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Circa 1992 Prestwick Airport was sold to a group of local investors, who by running the airport as a multi skilled operation turned the airport around and brought millions of visitors to Scotland and the Ayrshire region.

It is time that the same happened again, with a vibrant team brought into motivate the staff, energise the airport and bring back growth.

The Welsh Assembly has bought Cardiff Airport to ensure its long term future and provide profits for the public purse. It is time Holyrood worked either on its own or with investors to change ownership NOW!

Only the public voices kept prestwick flying in 1992- Help make sure it happens again in 2012!

We the undersigned call on the Scottish Government, Westminster and the agencies and authorities within Scotland to work to change the ownership of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, and work together to bring the airport back into profit and growth for the sake of the whole Scottish Economy. Even if this means like Cardiff a Government led buy out.

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