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Due to budgetary concerns and declining enrollment, the Cedar Rapids School District is attempting to close schools within its district. Polk Elementary has been listed as one of those to potentially close.

As parents, business owners, and citizens of this city, we feel that other options exist. Especially since Polk has achieved incredible academic gains due to its dedicated staff, innovative programs and support from its community partners. Over 90% of Polk's students are on the free and reduced meals program, many of the children are homeless or have less than ideal home situations. Yet, the success of Polk is far-ranging as over 20% of families choose to enroll their students at the school, sometimes driving over thirty miles one way each day. Many of these children would simply be lost if not because of the staff and teachers at Polk Elementary.

We ask for your support in letting the Cedar Rapids School board know that Polk Elementary School is a success story that should be applauded and even copied throughout the district. Please help us in supporting this valuable resource.

We, the undersigned, call on the Cedar Rapids School Community School Board to keep Polk Elementary School open.

It is a valuable resource to the community and as parents, business owners and citizens we want to support our schools.

Strong schools means strong neighborhoods and that leads to strong cities.

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