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Weber County Commissioner's Office
United States of America

Weber Commissioners Office will consider imposing a boat curfew at Pineview Reservoir that would require all boats not parked in a slip to be off the lake by 10:00 P.M. The purpose of this proposal is to cut down on noise and trash on the beaches.

We the boaters of Pineview Reservoir disagree with this proposal and we are petitioning to keep the reservoir open for overnight boating. We acknowledge that there are some issues involving the noise ordinance and are open to finding solutions for enforcing the ordinance, but we also agree that there are only a handful of boaters that ignore the ordinance and everyone else should not have to pay the price.

We boaters also strongly disagree that the trash on the beaches are caused by us. We carry our trash out in garbage bags to the dumpsters at Port Ramp, many of us making several trash runs in a single weekend. The trash is being brought in by those coming in on foot to the beaches and not wanting to carry out their trash because they are tired and hot from a day spent in the sun.

We feel that imposing hefty noise ordinance fines will minimize or eliminate the noise problems.

We, the undersigned, call on the Weber County Commissioner's Office to NOT impose a curfew at Pineview Reservoir.

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