#Human Rights
United States of America

September 17, 2008

We are sad and disappointed to announce that C&R Motorsports Park a/k/a Palm Dale has been temporarily shut down for mud bogging activity to the public. South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) demanded a Cist and Desist order be put into effect and took us to court in Hendry County in front of Judge LaBoda today.

(SFWMD) feels they are doing a public service by shutting us down. Judge LaBoda ordered the Temporary Restraining Order to Cist and Desist of any activity of C&R Motorsports Park a/k/a Palm Dale. If you would like to express your opinion please feel free to contact the following SFWMD representatives.

We have done everything to best of our ability to prove them wrong.

Hay please sign this petition if you believe that we should be able to still go to our GET AWAY at palmdale!

Everyone who signs this petition would be helpful to keeping palmdale AkA C&R motorsports open.

It's not fair for (SFWMD) to shut C&R down!

If you sign, I thank you so much!


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