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Flint Hill School has applied for a Special Exception (SEA 99-P-046-002) to create an Oakton Road entrance for a new middle school. The entrance would be used for student morning drop-offs and afternoon/evening pick-ups and would be in close proximity to the busy intersection of Oakton and Jermantown Roads. The Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on the SEA in June/July, and due to the major impacts of this proposal to commuters and residents, we urge those opposed to make their voices heard now before it is too late, by signing this petition immediately.

We, the undersigned, urge the Fairfax County Planning Commission and the Providence District Board of Supervisors to uphold the current Zoning Ordinance and reject the application [SEA 99-P-046-002] from Flint Hill School for a new Oakton Road entrance to the proposed middle school.

The request for a special exception to allow for student drop-offs/pick-ups from Oakton Road would have a major negative impact on all users of Oakton Road during A.M. and P.M. hours by (1) creating more unsafe traffic overload on an already small and substandard road in this R-1 district intended for residential use and (2) diminishing the quality of life and property values in the surrounding neighborhood.

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