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Al those who use (or may use) NatWest Barton upon Humber, or value it's presence.
United Kingdom

NatWest have announced the closure of the Natwest Branch in Barton upon Humber. They tell us that 'only 70 people use the branch on a regular weekly basis', and that we can now use alternatives such as online and mobile banking, and can use the Post Office for some services. However, we know that Barton on Humber NatWest is a busy local branch that serves the town and its surrounding villages well (a population of well over 15,000), and we need to keep our branch!

Not everyone wants to bank online, and many people value the great face to face service that the branch offers. We believe that NatWest needs to be part of our growing town so we need to convince them that the branch has the support to stay open.

The bank has been there for over 100 years and is part of our community, and used by well over 70 people a week - we all know that! NatWest plan to offer a mobile branch that will visit Barton twice a week for 45 minutes each time - but we need longer hours than that! We need to keep our great branch of NatWest open!

We, the undersigned, oppose the closure of the NatWest branch in Barton upon Humber, and call on the board, Chairman and CEO of NatWest/RBS to reconsider the decision.

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