Riverside Unified School District
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Mr. Cardenas is being removed from a teaching position at Abraham Lincoln High School and transferred or "demoted" due to requirements that he no longer meets according to the school district. He wasn't informed of this change of requirements until he was notified about the likely transferring of schools. According to the Seniority List made public on the School District's site he has been teaching at Lincoln since 1996, over 21 years, which is more than any other teacher at Abraham Lincoln. On top of that, he's been teaching before being at Abraham Lincoln and all with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Cardenas has gained favor, trust, and true friendship from students, teachers, parents, and others and deserves to continue teaching at Lincoln until he decides to retire.

Mr. Cardenas is one of the most hard working, honest, friendly, and truly caring teachers I've met. He has helped many students graduate and prepare for the best possible future. He's always there for every one of his students and many consider him family. He's helped so many, and not just students. After many years of being there, I myself and others believe that he deserves to stay. Mr. Cardenas goes out of his way for many of us and I believe it's only right to stand up for him. I, and those who've signed call on the Riverside Unified School District to reconsider their decision and allow Mr. Cardenas, teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School, to keep his current position. I ask that the district take another look at the current requirements and make a change, or an exception of sorts, and listen to the voices of students, fellow teachers and coworkers, parents, and the like.

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