#Human Rights
Township of Langley

Motacan Compassion Society located in Aldergrove, BC recently received a letter from Legal counsel for the Township of Langley. They are asking us to close our doors before February 29, 2016, leaving our members without safe, reasonable access to their medication. As a non-profit organization, MCS strives to assist those eligible to safe, reasonable access to their medicinal cannabis products.

We have already built a solid relationship in the community with local businesses, and have had nothing but positive feedback from everybody we have spoken with.

We plan on continuing to provide positive change in the community, and helping any way we can.

We as members of MCS, supporting members of MCS, and members of the community, believe that there is a positive need for MCS to operate in the Township of Langley. Not only is it a benefit to those in the community, and those in the surrounding areas, but it can also help local business grow within the Township.

We ask that the Township of Langley reconsider the request sent to MCS and work with MCS so they can continue to provide safe, reasonable access to Medicinal Cannabis for those eligible.

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