City Counsel of Great Falls, MT, and Chad Parker, acting City Attorney
United States of America

Recently, the City of Great Falls, MT has announced a moratorium on Medical Marijuana dispensaries. City attorney, Chad Parker, explains the situation:

"... someone trying to sell medical marijuana out of a store or office within the city limits during the moratorium would be violating a requirement to obtain permits. Medical marijuana businesses are not able to obtain safety inspection permits, which are required for businesses in the city, during the moratorium."

This is clearly an attempt to re-criminalize medical marijuana, which was voted by a wide margin to be de-criminalized in November, 2004.

This petition is to show support in the fight against the moratorium of Medical Marijuana in the City of Great Falls, Montana.

Medical Marijuana was de-criminalized by the citizens of the State of Montana, by a wide margin, in Initiative 148 in November of 2004.

The attempts of the City Counsel, as well as the acting City Attorney, Chad Parker, is in direct contrast to this Initiative and should be brought back to it's original status.

Patients and Medical Marijuana caregivers do not seek to live on the fringes of society or break the law, and need operate and function like any normal business. It is the goal of this petition to drop the moratorium on Medical Marijuana dispensaries in the city of Great Falls.

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