New Hanover County Redistricting Committee
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New Hanover County has appointed a Redistricting Committee to determine new district lines for both Elementary and Middle Schools in our county.

The latest versions of the maps for Middle School include version 3A and 3B.
Version 3B, if passed, would require that the majority of the students in the Middle Sound Loop Community go to Holly Shelter Middle School, not the current assignment of MCS Noble Middle School.

This possibility is simply unacceptable. We the signers of this petition want our voices heard that map 3B be removed from possible options.

Middle Sound Loop is more than just a road that leads to numerous neighborhoods, we are a community of families who chose to purchase our homes here based on not only the area that we love, but the schools that Middle Sound Loop has been historically assigned to for a very long time. It is not acceptable for our children to suddenly be forced to go to Holly Shelter Middle School; a school 10–15 miles away from their homes.

Currently the children get on the bus at 8:00 AM and arrive to school at 8:15 AM.. Under the 3B proposal the children would be spending an hour OR more on the bus just to get to school. This is 2 hours a day round trip taken away from sports, extracurricular activities, homework, staying after school and much needed rest time. Under the new proposal timewise, THIS EQUATES TO DRIVING TO RALEIGH EACH AND EVERY DAY!

The proposed Middle School redistricting project is guided by the following principles established by
the redistricting committee:
✔ Balance Facility Utilization
❌ Account for future growth
❌ Establish clear feeder patterns and continuity
❌ Minimize impact on students
✔ Consider economic, cultural and ethnic diversity
❌ Close proximity


❌Account for future growth
This move does not account for future growth. It is a temporary band aid that will not correct the underlying issue that the county needs a new middle school in the Northern part of the county.

❌ Establish clear feeder patterns and continuity
This move would disrupt the feeder patterns of the Elementary schools in the area. The students at Ogden Elementary would be divided with part of the students sent to Noble Middle School and some sent to Holly Shelter depending on what part of the loop they lived on. This would not be to the student’s advantage. It would mean that friends that attended all 6 years of elementary school together at Ogden Elementary, would
not go to the same middle school, even though they can ride their bikes to each other’s houses. Please don’t do this to them.

❌ Minimize impact on students
This move would impact an entire community of families and a large number of students. It does NOT minimize impact on students.

❌Close proximity
Holly Shelter is most definitely not the school in closest proximity to Middle Sound Loop. It is in fact it is one of
the farthest schools away from the Middle Sound Loop community.

We strongly urge you to NOT approve Map 3B and keep all of Middle Sound Loop in the Noble Middle School District by voting to approve Map 3A.

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