Mark was introduced as the detective leading the investigation into the attempt on Paul Robinson's (Stefan Dennis) life. He receives conflicting information from everyone he interviews and does not realise who the culprit is because of this.

Mark is described as being handsome, charming and a perfectionist. He is dedicated to his job and usually puts it ahead of everything else. As a consequence, Mark struggles to balance his work and personal lives.

Mark begins a relationship with Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer), despite being wary of her ex-boyfriend and the age gap between them. Mark's focus on his work eventually forces him to choose between Kate and Paul's case.

Mark's relationship with Kate ends and Mark becomes jealous of the attention she receives from Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan). Mark later has a one-night stand with her best friend. He also faces problems at work when he reports a fellow officer for corruption. Mark is forced to go into witness protection and he leaves during a special real-time episode.

To Keep Kate and Mark together!

Kate and Mark belong together- lets have a fairytale/cinderella like couple who don't breakup, cheat etc. Let it be another Marge and Harold.

KEEP Mark on the show and Kate and Mark together!

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