Dean Nalder & Liza Harvey, Ministers for Transport, Police & Road Safety.

Perth's network of freeways and highways are being clogged with drivers who don't keep left and don't do the speed limit or anywhere near the speed limit. They are a terrific piece of Government funded infrastructure, but they are inefficient and at capacity due to these inefficiencies.

Our Freeway and Highways also have short on-ramps and the speed limit sign is always close to the Freeway/Highway, where it should be at the start of the on ramp, so drivers have more time to legally get up to the Freeway/Highway speed limit, as to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic already on the Freeway/Highway.

Currently, it is illegal to travel in the right hand lane of a duel carriageway if the speed limit is 90Km/h or greater. This law is never enforced and should apply to all dual carriageways regardless of the speed limit and enforced as slow vehicles in right hand lanes creates unnecessary congestion.

We the undersigned call upon the State Government of Western Australia, to change the Road Traffic Act, to apply the keep left rule to all duel carriage ways and multi-lane roads, commence a road safety advertising campaign on the law, which will help to educate drivers to keep keep left and then use the Police to enforce it.

We also call upon the state government to build longer Freeway/Highway on ramps and move the Metro Freeway/Highway speed limit signs to the start of the the respective on-ramps, instead of where they currently are closer to the actual Freeways/Highways, ensuring that vehicles can legally enter at close to or the same speed as the Freeway/Highway.

We believe that these simple measures will improve the efficiency and flow of Western Australia's Freeway/Highways.

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