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The Jetty Bar in Glenelg, South Australia is a popular venue. For years people have come from far and wide to drink here and sing a song or two on a Wednesday night. Sadly after 10 years being hosted by the lovely Shaz, karaoke at the Jetty will come to an end on November 21st 2012. We don't want this to happen.

Wednesday night Karaoke at the Jetty has become a tradition for many people. It has become an extended family for many patrons, a livelihood. The social impact it will have on some patrons is huge. This is, for some, their one night out, their one social outlet. Make your voice heard and your opinion count.

We, the undersigned, call upon the management of The Jetty Bar to reconsider closing down Karaoke on Wednesday nights.

We value the venue, the staff and the atmosphere. Don't shut It down!

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