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Ms. Ysela Llort, Director, Metro Dade Transit
United States of America

We, the passengers of the 5:00 p.m. I95 Express Northbound to Broward Boulevard, are petitioning to keep Bus Driver, Jeboria Hicks on our route.

Several passengers on her route have recently written letters to Metro Dade Transit commending Ms. Hicks for her stellar job performance under pressure, as well as her commitment to the safety of her passengers and her upbeat, cheery personality. She always goes above and beyond her job description.

We recently learned that she is going to be the face of Metro Dade Transit. We applaud your acknowledging Ms. Hick’s dedication to her job in this way and it is well deserved.

As the passengers who so appreciate being driven by Ms. Hicks, we do not want to lose her on this route.

Almost every other bus driver that we have had is rude and refuses to open the door and/or wait for a passenger that is right outside the bus waiting to get in.

In these dire times of rising unemployment, it is difficult to ascertain why Metro Dade Transit employees would treat their passengers with such disregard and disrespect.

We, the undersigned call on Metro Dade Transit to keep Jeboria Hicks, Badge #3103 as our permanent driver on the I95 Northbound route to Broward Express at departing 5:00 p.m.

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