Shetland Islands Council
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A petition set up to demonstrate public opposition to the SIC's recent decision to charge for instrumental tuition in Shetland's schools.

On Wednesday 17th February 2010, the Shetland Islands Council voted 9 to 11 in favour of charging for instrumental tuition in schools -


There’s been absolutely no consultation with teachers, parents or students! The first most people will have heard is on radio Shetland tonight.

They plan on charging £160 per child per year, so if you have three kids, that’ll be £480 a year. Who can afford that?

Inevitably there will be a reduction in student numbers, so that’ll mean staff redundancies.

Also, the lack of instrumental teachers will mean classroom teachers will have to take the extra strain.

All in all, it’s not looking good, and there’s rumours of more cuts to follow.

We appreciate the need to make savings, but these charges have not been thought through.

As councillor Rick Nickerson said at today's meeting, the decision effectively amounts to the council imposing "a tax on talent".

Please join this group if you are opposed to the council's decision.

We, the undersigned believe that the Shetland Islands Council is making a big mistake in introducing charges for instrumental tuition in Shetland’s schools.

We urge the council to reconsider these actions which we believe will result in less children taking advantage of this wonderful resource, and will lead to damage of Shetland’s cultural heritage.

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