#Consumer Affairs
Infinity Namibia, Maerua Superspar

The Infinity Program, Namibia, is growing fast and it has a lot of Businesses and Members that support this Program.

What is Infinity?

It is a 'Reward Program'. You as a Member swipe your card at any Infinity Member/Business and so earning Credit Points.

How does this help the Business?

Retail partners participate to derive maximum benefit from the consumer’s economic activity and in turn the consumer benefit through directing their economic activity at specific partners.

We, the Consumers, request Maerua Superspar, to stay with the Infinity Program. The Infinity Program brings Consumers to you and we then in return earn Credit!

We will support Maerua Superspar, but should you still leave the Infinity Program, will we be forced to support the other Businesses who still have the Infinity Program.

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