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Hawkman Vol. V was started in June 2018. Since then, the series has received outstanding reviews and has been steadily building a devout fan base. Through the Hawkworld fan group on Twitter and Facebook, many fans have expressed their love for the soaring odyssey that writer Robert Venditti has created. It has recently been reported that DC Comics is canceling the series with issue No. 29, which comes out in November, with no announcement of a replacement. The Hawk story cannot end here! We are hoping for one of three things: for the cancellation to be voided and the series continued, for the series to continue in digital form, or for a new series to be announced. Over the last two years, Venditti has revitalized one of the most iconic characters in comic book history and fans are hoping to see the story continue. This petition is for fans of the comic to express their support for the story to continue, whether it be in paper or digital form. With this petition, we can show DC Comics how much the series is loved and enjoyed by fans who have followed Hawkman and DC Comics for many years. Let's keep Hawkman soaring!

Keep Hawkman Soaring! Show your support for DC Comics' Hawkman and Hawkwoman! Sign the petition to show your support for the Hawks and show DC Comics how strong the fan base is! Let's keep Hawkman and Hawkwoman soaring!

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