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City of Port Phillip

The City of Port Phillip is planning to destroy this perfectly healthy eucalyptus tree outside the Sacred Heart Homes, 101 Grey St (b/w Robe and Alfred Sts). Council claims the tree is 'diseased'. Planned destruction is any time after 23 July 2009.

This is the latest of numerous mature trees removed and not replaced in the last few years from the Grey St precinct.

Our urban environment needs trees - for shade, noise reduction, to attract birds, and for purely aesthetic reasons.

Has the City of Port Phillip given up on Grey St? Are they content to make it the ugly poor cousin of other St Kilda streets, ones with less salubrious reputations? Have they forgotten the ratepaying residents and businesses of Grey St?

We are St Kilda residents who believe this urban environment desperately needs more trees, not less. We believe the better we preserve and present our environment, the better visitors will treat it. If we let Council turn Grey St into an urban wasteland it will become dirtier, cheaper and more unsafe.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Port Phillip to halt the planned destruction of the eucalyptus tree at 101 Grey St, St Kilda.

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