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We, proud Cronulla Sharks Supporters would like to throw our support behind one of our often maligned players, Greg Bird. The Sharks decision to stand him down and to possibly sack him when he has not even been found guilty of any charge is a clear miscarriage of justice.

Also we would like to let it be known that the double standards shown by our club over other incidents by other players and officials is not acceptable.

To whom it may concern over the greg bird case:

Please do NOT sack Greg Bird trying to give the club a good name again, this has been a mess from day one and he should not have been stood down as it was a rash decision to appease the public, you put him on full pay so he should of played anyway, just wasting money otherwise. Well being the good guys of the NRL hasn't do much for us, how many premierships have we won? I couldn't careless what other people think of the sharks, they don't support the sharks, they don't play for the sharks, they don't run the sharks.

The media have ruined this case by determining he is guilty from day one and dragging his name through mud every chance they got and they didn't even bother to find out what really happened, Greg has been hammered from pillar to post over this and we don't even know what happened, only Greg and Katie know the full story and the fact Katie didn't want to press charges must say something. Katie's father believed her, and that's a big call from a parent.

In the interests of the club, the fans and the players, please do not sack Greg Bird, he is a vital part of the team, just because the court case isn't until April doesn't mean you have to decide now, leave it till April, let him train and play, other clubs have stood by there players in bad situations and have come through it eg Titans with Laffranchi, he was charged with sexual assault, that's bad, he still played. Manly and Watmough, he was also accused of sexual assault, he still played. The Warriors and Michael Crockett, he was charged with sexual assault but still played. Even if bird told the club a lie and hasn't spoken to the club in length over what happened, he was in a tight spot, if his lawyer told him not to talk, in the interests of clearing his name, i wouldn't either.

I know many sharks fans out there that don't want him sacked, there are a few that would rather keep the good, clean club image, well I'd rather win a premiership and Greg needs to be in the team to do it.

Everyone makes mistakes and bird is just like most other guys his age, making stupid mistakes, there are far worse people out there then Greg, sacking him because his lawyer stopped him from speaking to the club to protect him as now it seems Tony Zappia and others will be called to testify against Greg.

Sacking him would only lead to another NRL club picking him up when his ban from the NRL is over (if he isn't gaoled). Sackings have no point really, one clubs tough stance is another clubs gain and i don't want Greg to play against us EVER!

The best way to deal with this situation if Greg is not gaoled, seen as the major charges were dropped, after the cops were quick to charge him before waiting to try and speak to Katie, the ideal thing to do is to HELP him not ABANDON him, sacking him would only cause harm to him if he was not to find another league team in ENGLAND.

Please consider what the FANS want before making a decision.

Kind regards,
Cronulla Sharks Supporters

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