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Kraft Heinz, the owners of the Golden Circle brand, have unfortunately decided to discontinue its Kosher certification of the Golden Circle range of products.

There are thousands of households in Australia, as well as hundreds of institutions and caterers for the kosher market that collectively consume millions of dollars worth of Golden Circle products, and have greatly valued having such an iconic brand of products certified kosher. Additionally there are thousands of consumers who choose kosher certified products for reasons other than cultural or religious affiliation. From our kids lunchboxes to our lifecycle events, Golden Circle drinks are wonderful products that we would love to be able to continue to consume.

This petition is to demonstrate to Kraft Heinz that their decision to discontinue kosher certification will have a massive impact. This petition will open and remain active for November 2015. Let's see how many Australian consumers there are who would support this request for Kraft Heinz to reconsider and continue their relationship with Australia's kosher certification agencies.

Please note that this is a "private petition" that will not be publically displayed. Your details will not be publically disclosed, but will feature on any representation made to Golden Circle. Please forward the link to this petition to any people you think may be supportive of the initiative.

This petition is also not an initiative of a kosher licensing agency, rather a measure of advocacy by a kosher consumer who believes in people power.

The signatories to this petition request that Kraft Heinz reconsider their decision to discontinue kosher licensing, and once again certify their products with a kosher certification agency.

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