Sunbury and surrounds community

Gap road medical centre has been operating in sunbury for the past 20 years!!!
and I'm sure everyone has attended there clinic atleast once or twice over the years!

They cater to our community by not only continueing to bulk bill EVERYONE but by also keeping their clinic open 7 days a week and readily available untill 10pm weeknights.

Recently it has been brought to the councils attention that gap road's permitted hours are supposed to be untill 7pm, even though they have been closing at 10pm for many years and over those years the council has had a blind eye turned but now all of a sudden are wanting to enforce the 7pm closing time.

It's hard enough to get into a dr as it is imagine how hard it would be being restricted an extra 18hours a week! Not to mention for those of us who are shift workers and can only attended a dr clinic at a certain time!

Please sign the petition so the council can stop robbing us of our health and well being!!!!

Please sign this petition to allow Gap road Medical Centre to remain open untill 10pm

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