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Estill County Judge Executive
United States of America

Estill and Powell County's Mountain Springs Road connects to County Road #1044 North End Road, also known as Furnace-Pilot Road. Private land owners want to close this valuable historic road which would block other private land owners from accessing their own land and prevent travel through an important public passage. Closing the road would prevent emergency responders from evacuating persons medical emergencies and prevent forest management and firefighting. Closure would impair the county transportation system.

This road has seen unimpeded use since before court records began to be recorded and appears by name, number, and depiction on official Kentucky State Highway Department Maps since 1954.

Please help keep public roads open to the public!

We, the undersigned, call on Estill and Powell Counties to keep Furnace-Pilot Road, also known as County Road 1044 North End Road, OPEN to the public.

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