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Joomla! is the world's most popular content management system software, and has experienced phenomenal growth and popularity since September 2005 when it was formed.

One of the key reasons for its success is the large number of third party software developers who provide 'plug in' extension software for Joomla (over 1600 at time of writing). Approximately 15% of the current extensions are commercial, while many more are written by commercial developers but provided free to the community.

On June 15th, Open Source Matters (the copyright holder) and the Joomla! Core team announced that it had changed its previous policy to allow commercial extensions for Joomla! and would request all third party developers to re licence their software to the free GPL model.

This policy change is not popular with many developers or users, and this petitions seeks to communicate those concerns to the Joomla Core Team and OSM and get them to change their policy.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our concern with the Joomla Core Team's decision to force third party developers to relicence their extensions to the GPL.

The current mixture of GPL and commercial development has helped to grow Joomla to be the world's leading Content Management System, for over 100,000 users. The new direction on strict GPL licencing threatens this ecosystem.

We therefore ask that the new GPL only policy is withdrawn, and that Joomla reinstates its previous policy to allow a mixture of GPL and commercial third party software.

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