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There is a movement in Philly to oust our Franchise QB Donovan McNabb. I believe that Donovan has never gotten a fair shake in this town and has been tutored by a stubborn, selfish head coach.

Donovan gets the blame as a QB will always get but the pass happy and soft philosophy of the head coach as put this QB in a no win situation and in my opinion put him in a system that is wrong for the QB talents. Andy Reid has not been able to adjust his ways, and has become predictable.

I would love to see this QB in a system that runs the ball and keeps the offense balanced. I believe he would take us to the Super Bowl and win it with this philosophy. Lets not forget how hard it is to find a franchise QB. They don't come around that often. Let's not forget that Donovan is an outstanding citizen and family man.

Let's not forget he has play though injuries and every type of controversy there is.

We the fans, are asking the Front Office of the Philadelphia Eagles to keep Donovan McNabb and get rid of the coach.

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