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Recently it was discussed that funding to Dickinson State University would be cut down by >20%; which means the only way to allow this to happen without harming many of the University majors is by cutting the nursing program. The nursing program is a huge target, because unlike many other majors, it is its own entity.
The problem with this solution?
1. Many nursing students move here from other states JUST to attend our amazing program. Those students will eventually settle in, buy houses and start a family. Their children will attend school here and all these things help Dickinson's economy. If the program is cut, these families or individuals will leave the state in order to complete their education goals elsewhere. This affects the broader community, not just the nursing program or the University.
2. Many of the alumni nursing students work for the local hospital and clinics while attending the nursing program as CNAs or LPNs, Even with these students working here, we still have a shortage of nurses in the community. This demonstrates the need for the nursing program to continue.
3. We are not only providing our community with amazing nurses, but providing a global service by sending sending them to different countries to share the wealth of knowledge we have gained in our classrooms and clinical rotations. Currently one of our alumni students, Jami Harrington, is in Honduras educating and assisting women who live in poverty.

We, the students of Dickinson State University’s Nursing program (AASPN and BSN), petition that the state of North Dakota keep the nursing program in tact.

There is an enormous need for nurses that is not currently being met, especially in this part of the state. The nursing program at Dickinson State University has outstanding pass rates for the NCLEX; the school has upheld these pass rates for several years. The majority of the nurses currently working in Dickinson are alumni of DSU. The nursing program is beneficial to not only DSU, but to the community as a whole.

Cutting the funds essentially means the nursing program will no longer be in existence. Cutting the nurse program would be detrimental to the community and it’s economy. The Dickinson State University Nursing Program needs to be kept Alive!

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