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Atlanta Boy Choir
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The Board of Directors of the Atlanta Boy Choir has asked David White to resign his position as Artistic Director and Conductor and disassociate himself from the institution, because the Board has determined that the Choir and its mission would benefit from a change in leadership.

The Atlanta Boy Choir's mission statement is as follows:
The mission of the Atlanta Boy Choir is to achieve the highest possible standard of musical excellence, while instilling in its members a life-long appreciation of music; an abiding love of beauty; a keen sense of respect for themselves and others; and the self-discipline necessary to become effective leaders in their families, their communities, and the world.

Under David White the Atlanta Boy Choir has not only exemplified this to the letter, but gone above and beyond it. During his tenure with the Atlanta Boy Choir he has started two new choirs, The Apprentice choir and the Atlanta Young Men’s Ensemble, he has produced four amazing CDs, Put the choir on the map as one of the best in the world, and probably most importantly of all made a positive impact on the lives of all the boys who sang under him. When the Atlanta Boy Choir recently preformed in the International Haydn Festival they received not one but two standing ovations. Many people described there performance as the best one there.

During the eight years I have known David, he has been, outside of my family, one the most influential people in my life. He has affected my life in a positive matter, and helped shape me into the young man I am today.

Hiring David after Fletcher Wolfe decided to resign was one of the smartest moves the board of the Atlanta Boy Choir has ever done. The choir would not benefit from a change in leadership. The only thing this move will do is hurt the choir. If anything David deserves to get a raise, not be asked to leave. He works day in and day out to raise the bar of excellence higher and higher, and to never settle for mediocrity.

David White is one of the best Artistic Directors and Conductors in the world, and the choir would in no way benefit from his leaving.

We, the undersigned, call on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Boy Choir to rehire David R. White to the positions of Artistic Director and Conductor of the Atlanta Boy Choir.

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