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The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Executive Board is in the process of making a decision that can affect the livelihood of 100's of Mechanic Specialist and cause the image of DART to deteriorate quickly. There has been a discussion of eliminating the in-house Transmission Department of DART and replacing high quality employees with contractors.
It has been noted that this method was tried in the past and failed. The issue of vague warranties causing the company to have to spend money beyond agreements set and substandard work done by those outside of the DART workforce are of concern. The biggest issue would stem from an eventual lay-off of DART Professionals that have always been in place to keep DART in business and compliance, as well as the possibility of a conflict of interest or voided contract if DART Transmission Specialists' or top level mechanics were forced to correct an error of the contractor.
It simply makes good moral, ethical and financial sense to keep in place the Mechanics and Specialist that have already dedicated their time and lives to DART. We ask that Dallas Area Rapid Transit Executive Board not proceed with entering into any agreements with contractors that would cause employees within the DART Maintenence Department to suffer any level of financial or employment loss.

We, the undersigned as Dallas Area Rapid Transit Employees, Customers, Supporters and Tax Payees are asking the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Executive Board Members refrain from entering into any agreements that would cost DART more money, would decrease the high level of professional work that's expected by the public as well as the government that funds DART, and would cause dedicated employees who are Transmission Specialist specifically for DART, a public transportation company that serves 13 cities, to become unemployed.

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