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Vat19 / Eric Does The Internet

Due to Eric, a staff member of Vat19, moving on to his own channel, we must keep one of his characters alive. Chauncey.
There will be more information on this below.

Vat19.com. They have been providing us with curiously awesome products for years. Along with the website, a Youtube channel has been a key part in the channel's success.
Along with cool and fun advertisements about the products, the channel also contains fun TV shows and characters, played by the staff at Vat19.
A personal favourite for many is Chauncey. A candy lover, who runs a show on TV, with his not-so enthusiastic son, Theodore.
The staff member who plays both Chauncey and Theodore have moved on to produce their own Youtube channel in the Vat19 studio, called Eric Does The Internet. This means, he will be taking part in fewer videos in Vat19, while still being an official worker for Vat19.
We cannot let Chauncey slip away like this.
If Vat19 does cancel the show he stars in, Confection Perfection, and other shows that rely on him such as The Sample Room and the Youtube channel in a whole, Vat19 won't be the same.
Here are some links to some of Eric's videos:
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