#Children's / Victims Rights
State of Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Board
United States of America

My son Brynden was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of his murderer Peter M. Kerrigan.

After spending almost 3 years in and out of court my son's killer was given the minimum possible penalty no mother would ever wish upon the man that killed her son. The charges went from 1st degree murder and Aggravated Battery of a Child to Involuntary Manslaughter the state asking for no more then 20 years Kerrigan agreed to the plea.

The judge didn't even give him the 20 years he gave him basically in stating there is nothing bad on his criminal record he didn't deserve the whole amount of time, and like my son deserved to lose his life. He gave him 10 years in IDOC with time served and 50% off he will serve 2 years, for taking my son's life.

We have passed laws in illinois for harsher penalties and registration but Kerrigan didn't fall into those because he was already there. So what I am asking is that the Parole Board please consider revoking the parole, and making him spend the remainder of his time in prison. I don't feel like the justice system did my son well at all. I also believe if released early he will remain to be a menace to society as well as threats to babies and children in Williamson County, in Southern Illinois.

We, the undersigned, call on the Illinois Division Parole Board to keep Kerrigan in Prison and we STRONGLY OPPOSE parole for Peter Kerrigan.

Justice demands he serve the full prison term given to him at the time he was sentenced for this heinous crime.

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