Bioware Representative, Eric Musco, has announced that in the near future the Asia-Pacific Servers for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be merged with West Coast US servers. This is after months of the APAC population asking for actions to improve the population on our local servers.

The vast majority of players wish for a merge of the 3 APAC servers into 1 server. Thus achieving the following:
1. Retain our current local latencies
2. Improve the population on the local server
3. Less forced transfer and name changes
4. Similar community atmosphere across the board to what currently exists.

The would no longer be a PVP, PVE and RP-PVE server but the merge would be accepted by most on all of these servers, moreso than forced transfers to US Servers.

We the undersigned request for Bioware and Electronic Arts to keep a local APAC server for Star Wars: The Old Republic and merge the current 3 servers into one.

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