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This petition is to help keep “Alena's boutique & Bridal” in business. Help stop religious discrimination.

This petition is to help keep “Alena's boutique & Bridal” in business. The store offers very modest clothing and there is no other store like this in the city of Calgary.
The items in general are targeted for Muslim women and children. They have been selling abaya's and hijabs for the past seven months. And have been told to remove all the hijabs, abaya's and clothing that is targeted for the mother of the brides.

They complied with the mall rules and took down many, MANY items and removed over 40 boxes from the boutique. Then they said the REASON to close down the shop was "The boutique was taking money out of the businesses that have been there forever (anchor) stores they call them". Now they are leaving both disappointed with the disrespecting treatment and happy that they do not need to see this again.
They have now a NEW LOCATION! RESPECTFUL management, and happy customers.

This is tragic for the owners and customers. If you go to Alena's Boutique & Bridal on Face Book and check out all the comments, disappointment and rage at what is happening to the first really Islamic and conservative store.

Sign your name and spread the word! We have a right to stand up and protest to what is happening. NO MORE DISCRIMINATION!

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