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Arizona Department of Transportation
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Due to a referendum initiated by a group called "Let the People Vote on 89A," the City of Sedona, Arizona, has been legally stopped from moving forward with the road transfer agreement it approved on February 22, 2011 by the City Council vote to accept ADOT’s $15.5 million dollar offer including roadway improvements, road transfer and up front cash of $10.6 million.

We, the undersigned, call on ADOT to keep the agreement on the table until the state-mandated vote occurs November 8th, 2011, and the tallied vote dictates for once and for all whether the City can accept ADOT’s offer and assume ownership of the 89A corridor in West Sedona and install a full complement of safety measures, or whether ADOT will retain ownership of the road and install 108 200-watt high-pressure sodium lights on 35-foot poles.

To let the agreement expire while the city is not allowed to proceed with accepting it disenfranchises the citizens who elected the current council in a landslide victory as well as the referendum faction who will get their vote after it’s too late for it to count.

We ask ADOT to honor the sacred right of citizens to vote on issues brought before them by this referendum. Let the vote count.

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