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As origin and native Sabahan They deserves their etchic holidays celebrations. Therfore we want to support her to get her leave approved.
We want her to be with family, relatives and lovely friends. We want her to contribute in making sure this traditional culture celebration is well reserved and maintain till the next generation.

During this festival many local sabah ethnicity culture ia shown in orders to give respect to the rice spirit. In the end lets each and everyone support her.

Lets support Brenda to get her leave approve in order for her to celebrate Kaamatan Festival. As Sabahan native this occasion is the peak out of the rest celebrations.

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The Kasi Brenda pulang KK celebrate Kaamatan di KDCA Penampang ini tahun 2019 petition to Teenagers was written by Ardi Yap and is in the category Family & Friends at GoPetition.

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