Kansas City Royals Fans
United States of America

David Glass, for far too long, has sat far too idle and done nothing about the lack of quality product he allows to trot out onto the field every year. His hands-off approach has proven to be unsuccessful and there are no signs he is changing.

When half of the board of directors consist of David Glass' family members there is a problem. It is clear they bend to his will when making executive decisions that affect the product that is placed on the field we Royals fans must endure.

The only solution is to address the source, David Glass, and market this team to an owner who will care about the everyday operations of this team.

We, the undersigned, call on David Glass to do what is best for the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City fans, and all of their affiliates, in what we believe is to vacate the seat of Chairman/Owner and make available for sale the Kansas City Royals.

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