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K-State's 1958-59 Men's Basketball Team has the honor of having the school's strongest season, with a 25-2 record. During that season, K-State was named by BOTH the Associated PRess and the United Press in the final poll of the season as the NUMBER ONE team in the nation.

Coached by the legendary Tex Winter, these men exemplified discipline, talent, camaraderie and teamwork. At a time when recruiting was not as much of an science as it is today, these men came together from incredibly different backgrounds and formed a bond off and on the court.

These group of men has been a loyal force for K-State's continued success and they represent a time in Kansas State's history that should be highlighted and recognized. The men of the team: Team Captain Don Matuszak, Bob Boozer, Howie Shannon, Bill Guthridge, Jim Holwerda, Gary Balding, Glenn Hamilton, Joe Vader, Bob Graham, Glen Long, Porky Morgan, Steve Douglas, Wally Frank, Mickey Heinz, Ernie Barrett, Jerry Johnson and Cedric Price and Coach Tex Winter.

We, the undersigned, call on Kansas State University to induct the entire Kansas State men's basketball team of 1958-59 to the Hall of Fame, to show these talented men and dedicated K-Staters that their role in the history of Kansas State basketball greatness is valued by the University.

We want to give these men their accolades while they can enjoy them. It is long overdue.

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