On June 10th 2018 many teens attended a graduation party. My son Joneil and his friend were walking home from the party when he was struck by a vehicle.
It is believed that the driver of the vehicle was a person intimately known to members of the CBRP, and that the driver had been earlier stopped by police, was seen to be drunk, but was not breathalyzer or detained.
We believe that police negligence to discharge their duty resulted directly in the death of Joneil.
We further believe that such negligence in endemic to practicesof the CBRP and believe that an independent investigation of this incident will uncover similar deficiencies.
We are calling the director to investigate this matter using their authority under Section 26I(4): "For greater certainty, the Director may determine that it would be in the public interest for an incident alleged to have occurred from the actions of a police officer to be dealt with in accordance with subsection (3)."

The undersigned respectfully request that the Director of the Nova Scotia Serious Incident Response Team exercise their authority to investigate the possibility that actions of the Cape Breton Regional Police were directly, or in part, responsible for the vehicular homicide of Joneil Hanna which took place on June 10, 2018.

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