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“Justice to Park Sihoo, Park Sihoo to Us!!” Campaign

Japanese Park Sihoo fans started ‘Bring Back Park Sihoo to The Screen’ Campaign, in order to voice out their wish to bring back ‘The Korea’s Jewel’, Actor, Park Sihoo to the Screen.

We are the earnest Park Sihoo fans in Japan, who have a very strong Faith in Park Sihoo’s word of “The Truth SHALL be revealed’.

A group of earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans, who want to rescue Park Sihoo from the on-going frustrating torment and bitterness, started this Campaign.

Then, those fans agreed that Mr. Fan Gyusan IS the Very Best person for us to appeal Our Undying Love & Faith toward Park Sihoo, because of your very heartfelt article about Park Sihoo “The Eternally Proud Son of Buyeo Park Sihoo”.

Many of Japanese Park Sihoo fans were moved and impressed by your article “The Eternally Proud Son of Buyeo Park Sihoo”.. And, your article gave many Japanese Park Sihoo fans such an enormous encouragement to endure this unhappy and anguish situation which started on Valentine’s Day 2013 ironically.

And also, Mr. Fan Gyusan, your sincere article about Park Sihoo lightened a lot of Japanese Park Sihoo fans’ heavy heart.

Park Sihoo used to say, “I SHALL remain as ‘An actor’ for WHOLE my life, and it IS My Dream.

Therefore, we, the earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans, who gather with ‘0ne Heart & Will’, and who wholeheartedly want to support Parks Sihoo’s Noble Vision & Dream, sincerely wish Mr. Fan Gyusan to be the Whistle Blower to restore Park Sihoo’s wrongly tarnished Honor, and keep sending ‘Strong Wind of Encouragement’ to Park Sihoo till his name is cleared in the proper way.

To ; ”The Eternally Proud Son of Buyeo, Mr. Park Sihoo”

We, the earnest Park Sihoo fans in Japan, have believed your Innocence, and eagerly expect your Come Back to the Screen.

Our wish is that ‘A Very Rare Jewel’ by the name of ‘Park Sihoo’ WILL NOT be buried with his God-Given-Talent, nor The Door to Park Sihoo’s Determined Dream WILL NOT be shut. Therefore, we expect passionately and patiently wait for ‘The Day’, when Park Sihoo SHALL appear on the screen, where Park Sihoo SHOULD be, and where Park Sihoo belongs to.

Japanese fans have been waiting for your come back in believing your Absolute Innocence.

Every one of us gather here with our Sincere Heart & Mind towards Park Sihoo, and our Undying Faith in Park Sihoo in praying for Park Sihoo’s Inner Peace and Good Health.

Therefore, please eat and sleep well in order to gain and maintain Park Sihoo’s Best Health in terms of ‘Body & Mind’.

The Japanese Earnest Park Sihoo fans DO wish to see Park Sihoo’s Come Back with Park Sihoo’s Shinning Smile!

And, all of us SHALL wait for ‘The Moment’, when “The Justice based on The Fairness & The Law’” in the eyes of ‘The Constitution of Republic of Korea’!!

Park Sihoo’s pain IS Park Sihoo Fans' pain.

Japanese Park Sihoo fans have been holding their stand of ‘Park Sihoo IS Innocent ’from the Very Beginning, of this case, and we SHALL wait for ‘The Day’, when all the Dark Cloud of ‘Wrong Accusation & Unlawful Treatment by the authority’ SHALL be removed from Park Sihoo’s World.

Hence, please remember ‘The Fact’ that many of earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans ARE sending their utmost cheering and invisible support from other side of Tsushima Straits.

This Campaign was started by those Earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans, who wanted to be a bit of help for Park Sihoo within their capacity and ability. Many of them offered their co-operation and help to promote this Campaign after having learned the Purpose and Intention of this Campaign as per The Title shows.

Honestly speaking, many of Japanese Park Sihoo fans are concerned about Park Sihoo’s Future because of the Current Wronged Status.

However, those earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans have been discussing what each of them can contribute for this Campaign, and supporting each other through the Internet.

And, some of them offered to translate this letter into Korean and English.

It is because there ARE millions of Park Sihoo fans all over the World, and we intend to call the World-Wide Prk Sihoo Fans to join this Campaign, which was started Park Sihoo’s favorite country Japan!

We heard that there is a name collection campaign in Korea, and many of Japanese Park Sihoo fans joined that campaign. Then, many of Japanese fans wanted to have own Campaign by contributing something in their way rather than just a signature collection/name registration only.
Personally, I was following ‘Park Sihoo Case’ from the very beginning. Initially, I was criticizing Park Sihoo in the very sharp way, however, when I restudy and review the case as well as how the investigation was carried out as a neutrally-positioned-person, I came to believe Park Sihoo IS Innocent, and WRONGLED VICTIM due to the Illegal Power Abuse by The Police.

I am not a Die-Hard Park Sihoo fan myself, but he is one of my favorite actors.

Therefore, I really wanted to know the whole details of this sad and unhappy incident.

As Park Sihoo must have been feeling over the last two months, myself was also confused with the anguish and sadness.

I am going to mention who I am, and what sort of Blog I have been writing so far, and so on.

From my such doings, please understand how serious we are to carry out this Campaign and Signature Collection.

This Campaign is established by the Earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans’ Sincere Co-operation, hence I intend to use a kind of group name which shows their Sincerity and heart towards Park Sihoo.

All of Earnest Park Sihoo fans in Japan SHALL wait for Park Sihoo’s Comeback and Life-long-Shinning as ‘A Treasure of Korea’ eagerly and patiently


P/S ; Dear Mr Fan Gyusan, we would like you to help our Campaign in spreading this letter and your another heart-felt-article within and outside of Korea through your good pen, which is mightier than the sword.

We would like you to spread this Earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fans heart and thinking to all over the Globe, to increase the Inner-Peace and Fighting Spirit of The Brave Warrior Park Sihoo, too.

Finally, we sincerely and deeply hope that Park Sihoo’s Human Rights SHALL be protected, as per mentioned in Korea’s Constitution, from now on, and ‘The Fairness and Justice-based further Investigation & The Judgment’ SHALL be carried out by the Authority.

We wish that the Earnest Japanese Park Sihoo fan’s plea, Acquittal OR Non-suspicion’ WILL be heard by many of the people who share the same sentiment with us, on the World.

Mr. Fan Gyusan, we thank you for your kind and encouraging articles about Park Sihoo, The Eternally Proud Son Of Buyeo.

And, we also thank you for reading this letter which conveys our true Love and Strong Faith towards Park Sihoo.

Yours Sincerely.
Teruhiko Ikeda


Justice to Park Sihoo.

We support Park Sihoo.

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