#Human Rights
Governor Jerry Brown
United States of America

We as the people are human. According to the 1st Amendment we have the freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion. We as the people want freedom to be who we are and get accepted into jobs without changing who we are.

We like to stop hate crime against us, stop police brutality, and to stop discrimination for what we look like when it come to job interviews. It is just not fair. Also that includes to not get rid of our identity by cutting our hair or covering out tattoos. We have feeling too but society rejects us because they don't understand us.

We're not asking to join government jobs, but to keep our identity.

We the rocker and heavy metal society, (that doesn't include rap or hip hop) call to the United States to stop hate crimes, police brutality, and discrimination for what we look like when it comes to interviews and employment.

We also want to have jobs that don't discriminate against how we dress or look.

Stop people from discriminating against the rockers and sub genres of heavy metal cultures that have tattoos and piercings.

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