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Advocates for Integrity

On April 2nd Stacey Ann Philip was humiliated and arrested by police while they brought unnecessary abuse to her and husband. What should have just been just a traffic violation ended up being a case of racial profiling and police brutality.

The police entered their home without a warrant and interviewed minors without consent. Not only did the police literally, strip Stacey-Ann of her dignity (in search of a concealed weapon) and left her half naked in the street ( before neighbors, clients and children),they have now left her without a source of income to support her family with a baby due any day now.

Stacey-Ann has been left without an explanation as to why her day care has been closed. She had been running the daycare since 2004 and has always met the requirements for caring for young children without provocation or complaints. Police threatened, that day, that they had the power to get day care closed. The DPG and CPE have no complaints on Stacey-Ann and no one is able to give them answers as to why the day care was closed.

The parents of the children who attended the day care were content with her services and are left without child care options since the incident. Stacey Ann is a qualified Child Care Worker who has serviced her community with integrity and professionalism.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry de la Famille du Quebec to reopen the day care of Stacey-Ann Philip that was closed without just cause and no explanation.

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