Papal Nuncio, the Vatican

We the undersigned request the reopening of the case of Tarlac Diocesan suppresion of the monastic community of Servants of Risen Christ, Monasterio de Tarlac. The Tarlac Diocesan headed by Bishop Macaraeg, submitted an allegation of mismanagement of the Monastery to the Vatican, without proper investigation and evidence for the purpose of taking over the monastery right before the opening of Monastery Basilica, that was built by the monks thru donations from good hearted parishioners. We feel that there's a gross injustice done to the community that persevere thru sweat and tears to build the community from the ground up. The Tarlac Diocese saw a potential of windfall financial gains because of the building of the Basilica and potential growing of donors in the days to come. All the funds have been spent building the church, the monastery and now the Basilica since the inception of the SRC, and the monks are still living a vety simple way of life. Restore the SRC.

We the undersigned hereby request the reopening

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