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Prime Minister of India

The BBC documentary on India's Daughter by filmmaker Leslee Udwin has been banned in India, and is being shown elsewhere in the world. Her interview of Mukesh Singh, one of the four men convicted of raping and killing a paramedic student in December 2012 in a moving bus in the Indian capital, New Delhi, has sparked a huge debate in India.

The gang rape has triggered street protests across India and turned global attention to the issue of sexual violence against women. The incident has also prompted the Indian government to pass a new set of stringent laws against gender crimes.

All four attackers in this high-profile case were sentenced to death last year, but the Supreme Court has stayed the death sentences following appeals filed by the accused.

Arguing that Udwin's film, titled "India's Daughter," could compromise the rape case which is awaiting a final resolution, gender rights activists and legal experts in India have come out strongly against airing the documentary.

How is it, that a death sentenced criminal can smugly sit in jail and make further offensive comments in the documentary about how the girl invited them to rape her but also be violent and assault her with iron rods, just by defying the act? He also commented that by hanging him, the Indian government is making a mistake because other rapists would take their cue and murder their victims to obliterate all evidence leading to the crime. Is that why more Nirbhaya cases are happening in India?

It is a time for change. Just as the Mahatma inspired India, and the world, by his pacifism, and showed that there is an alternative to war, we should show the world that we can do more than just awarding these culprits a death sentence. Emasculate the rapists, castrate them. Remove their shield of misogyny by depriving them of their instinct to perpetrate the gender crime. Let it be an example to other rapists who prey on women and children. Let us be an example to the world in bringing about changes. We are not violent by nature, but we are not pushovers that gape in horror and watch rapists proselytize others with their misguided ideology.

Please remember that there are more people against extreme punishment like death sentence than there are for castration.

What if Nirbhaya was someone you knew? Please sign this to persuade the Law makers

The death sentence seems too easy for these men and they are way too comfortable in jail.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister of India to pass a legislation to emasculate the rapists of Nirbhaya and render speedy justice.

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