#Human Rights
J Black, E Neumayer, P Kelly, D Webb, and M Hoffman
United Kingdom

LSE Cleaners demand justice and parity with in-house workers!

Please only sign if you are an LSE student, staff member or alumni.

We, the undersigned members of staff and students and alumni at the LSE, are deeply concerned about the current terms and conditions of employment of the LSE cleaning staff.

As you will be aware, like all the other staff, the cleaning staff are central to the smooth running of the entire university. Without their tireless efforts, none of us would be able to perform at the level of excellence that is expected at the LSE.

However, with the LSE cleaning contract outsourced to the Noonan Group, the cleaners have been unacceptably mistreated and denied fair terms and conditions of employment.The cleaning staff only get 28 days paid annual leave including bank holidays (in-house LSE staff get 41 days annual leave including bank holidays and school closure days), one percent pension contribution from their employer (in-house professional services LSE staff receive 16 percent as standard) and Statutory Sick Pay, which means they do not get paid for the first three days they are ill and then only £88.45 per week after this. Although the LSE has agreed to the Cleaners' demand for the London Living Wage, the need to bring in the cleaner's contract inline with their inhouse counterpart is still ongoing on multiple issues. We would like to impress our support for the cleaner’s reasonable and modest demands for parity with in-house LSE staff, on the following issues:

Occupational sick pay
Occupational maternity leave pay
Occupational paternity leave pay
Adoption leave pay
Annual leave

According to the LSE website, the School was established to work for "the betterment of society by studying poverty issues and analyzing inequalities." With this admirable goal in mind, we strongly urge the LSE to reflect on their own contributions in creating inequalities. As such, we request that the terms and conditions of the LSE cleaning staff be brought in line with those of in-house LSE staff without undue delay.

Kind Regards,

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