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Jo Parrish was murdered in Auxerre, France in may 1990, she was working at a local school, the Lycee Jaques Amyot, as part of the third year of her Leeds University Degree course. She had been sexually assaulted, strangled and her body put in the River Yonne.

Despite many shortcomings over the years, the French investigation revealed a number of suspects but each of these was ultimately eliminated with the help of DNA evidence which was available at the time.

In 2005, it seemed that breakthrough had been made when a Frenchman and his wife were arrested in Belgium and charged with multiple murder in the two countries. During one of many interrogations of this couple, the woman confessed to being present at the murder in 1990 of a young woman in Auxerre, France, where they were living. There were no other murders in that place, at that time, other than that of Jo.

This confession was repeated on two further occasions and Jo's family was anticipating that this final hurdle had been overcome and justice obtained for their daughter and sister. A few weeks later, to their utter dismay, it was revealed that the French authorities could no longer use the DNA evidence. Even worse, the woman's confession was retracted on the basis that it had been made under pressure following a physical assault by a French public prosecutor at that original interrogation.

Subsequently, the couple were put on trial for those murders for which evidence was clear-cut. Sadly, at this time, for reasons already mentioned, this did not include Jo's case. They were found guilty of serial murder and are now serving long prison sentences.

In the following weeks, more details of their crimes emerged. A number of these bore strong similarities to the details of Jo's case.

The Gloucestershire Police, who have previously travelled to France, and constantly supported Jo's family over many years, have agreed that, if invited, they are willing to visit again to assist with any re-questioning of the two suspects.

In February this year, Jo's parents Roger and Pauline, formally requested through their lawyers for this new questioning to take place, but have so far heard nothing. Appeals for political help have also, to date, gone unanswered and we will be pressing again for support from this source.

Jo was a kind, gentle and intelligent young woman who deserved a long, happy and fulfilled life. She was working hard to obtain a good degree when her life was taken so cruelly. Many of her friends and colleagues, who still keep in touch with us, speak warmly and lovingly of their time with her.

We need to know whether these two criminals were responsible for Jo's murder.

Please help us by adding your names in support of our cause.

Thank you
Pauline, Roger, Barney and all of Jo's family

We the undersigned call on Mark Harper MP to add his political support in our cause of JUSTICE FOR JO -25TH ANNIVERSARY.

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