janitorial contractors and building owners
United States of America

With the real estate market flying high, building owners can easily afford modest wage increases and benefits for the hard working men and women who guard the doors and clean the floors of our area's office buildings.

Successful and responsible companies understand that this is a good business practice that benefits not just the workers, but also the tenants, the community and the local economy.

We, the undersigned, support the more than 5,000 office building cleaners in Northern Virginia area who are seeking a living wage, health care and the right to join a union.

• A Living Wage keeps workers out of poverty and enables them to pay their bills, support their family and give back to the community. Nobody should be expected to provide for themselves and their families on as a little $6.50 an hour.

• Employer-Paid Health Care keeps workers and their families healthy so they can stay on the job and in school with no public health risk to their co-workers and tenants, neighbors and their children and classmates. Without health care, low-wage workers often become ill when it could have been avoided. This poses health and income problems for them, a public health risk to others and needlessly taxes emergency rooms throughout the area with overcrowding and long waits.

• The Right to Join a Union offers workers a representative to negotiate fair contracts with employers, legal defense in case of disputes on the job and protection from any unscrupulous employers.

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